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NEW VIRTUAL GALLERY. This fantastic software allows you to walk around a virtual gallery, spend time looking up close or stand back to take in the art on display. You have to download an internet explorer plug in or you can download an iPhone or iPad app, from the app store, search for 3D virtual Art Gallery and select VAS3D.
Click on the VAS logo, and walk around my 3D gallery a very pleasurable way to experience my work. Please sign the guest book.

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Nail sculptures, commissions, portraits, Paintings, Limited Edition Prints, Figurative art, still life, Landscapes, charcoals, Acrylics, Oils,water colours, non representational, abstract art, contemporary art, sketches, multi disciplinary artist, photography, sensory sculpture, Oak sense sculpture, Hung out to dry, Stone Mason, Stone Carving, wood carving, stainless steel fabrication, commissions, commission, public sculpture, public art, Arts council, Grand designs, Contemporary homes, bespoke design, art commissions.
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